Jess Perez Has A New App, And It Helps Models Get Rich

Alright, so you’re a model. That doesn’t mean you’re as rich as Kendall Jenner and can afford to drop bread on everything your heart desires. Sure, luxury is nearly irresistible when you’re surrounded by people who ball out on the regular, but too many models pass the peak of their careers with no savings to show for it. All they have is closets full of beautiful clothes and shoes which, unfortunately, can’t pay the rent. That’s why model slash entrepreneur, Jessica Perez, has created Tycoon, an app to help models and freelancers keep track of their income.

I assumed that someone who is so financially concious as Jess must have had some really broke moments that made her realize the need for a money-managing app. But when I asked Jess about her most broke moment, she responded, “How do you think I had the savings to create this app in the first place?!” In this industry that places such a high premium on youth, it’s too common that she sees models mismanage the sums they earn, leaving them scrambling when their work inevitably slows down.

Even if you’re really busy with your career, it’s good to do things like watch tutorials on different subjects and read books to constantly learn. I believe that models who are obsessed with modeling and have nothing else to talk about don’t make for very interesting people. Those girls also tend to hit a point in their careers where they aren’t working as much and they have NO clue what do next. That’s why it’s important to always be a model slash something!”

That’s where Tycoon comes in. You track your jobs, your payments, and can see what’s due and what’s upcoming. Models are never left unpaid for the jobs they completed long ago: those are listed right there on your phone. “It’s most ideal for people who work in multiple markets and travel constantly. I found that it was the hardest for me to keep track of my jobs and who owed me money when I was jet lagged and just trying to keep up with every day tasks. The beauty about the app, however, is that anyone who works freelance can use it. Everyone from consultants, writers, models, musicians, personal trainers can use it!”

Photos: Donat Boulerice

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