Jeremy Scott’s New Fragrance Looks Like A Shoe, But Doesn’t Smell Like One!

A limited edition fragrance that comes in a shoebox? Alright, alright, alright!  American fashion designer Jeremy Scott shocked us all with the announcement of his new scent for Adidas yesterday. Alert: It is to be worn by both men, and women! The unisex nature of the fragrance is said to have come about on accident, and sure, most of his clothing designs look dope on both genders, but a fragrance for everyone? Some ladies may not want to smell like their boo, but sharing is caring after all!

The carefully designed bottle is a miniature glass replica of the infamous Jeremy Scott x Adidas Orignals Wings 2.0 sneakers, which – yes, I was not lying to you, will be packaged and sold in a shoebox. Creative, yes! This design screams bro AND whispers babe. With undertones of cashmere wood, Calabrian bergamot, white pepper and incense, each of the 10,000 bottles will go for around $105. This costs more than my Chloé Eau De Parfum, but it makes sense considering the craft level needed to make Jeremy Scott’s bottle. The fragrance, created by Scott alongside notorious perfumers Marice Roucel and Philippe Roques, will be released at the beginning of February. Whether you’re a collector or you and your boyfriend have a “what’s mine is yours” policy, I’d hop on the chance to get this before it’s too late!

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