Jeremy Scott’s NYFW Show Was All Bombshells And Future Babes

Jeremy Scott, best friend to Katy Perry and trusted style advisor to Miley Cyrus knows how to put on a fashion show. Keep it bold, keep it bright, and most importantly, keep it big. From the sky-high bouffant 60’s style wigs that only a cartoon character could actually pull off IRL to the high-profile models who wore them, Jeremy Scott’s S/S 16 NYFW show was a masterclass in making statements.

The theme of the afternoon was “plastic is fantastic” with most of the models looking like a cross between Barbie and Barbarella in plastic ankle shoes, plastic bangles, and plastic nails. Drawing inspiration from “the cool girls in the Lower East Side in the 80s, and how they loved John Waters movies, Russ Meyer movies, as well as Star Trek,” adding that his line was for the “future babes.”

And that’s exactly what his show delivered on the most: the babes.

As the B-52’s oft-forgotten classic “Planet Claire” came on over the sound system, Gigi Hadid offered the audience their first taste of Jeremy Scott for the afternoon. The bombshell walked out wearing a pink and orange patterned plastic mini, with a matching halter top. Minutes later her sister Bella followed suit, looking like a ‘60s housewife who just couldn’t be bothered with matching her prints.

Later the Hadid sisters returned, with Gigi sporting a metallic, slightly conic bra, a pair of fishnets, and a shiny green skirt with plenty of sparkle. While the skirt was atrocious, the bra was part Katy Perry, part Madonna, and 100% sexy. Following in her sister’s shoes, Bella Hadid closed out the night wearing the dress version of Gigi’s awful skirt. Jeremy Scott said she looked like an “earth angel”, but that dress is something that only a mother could love.

And where would a Jeremy Scott outing be without Stella Maxwell, the woman who may or may not be casually dating Miley Cyrus, but is most definitely not dating Lily Rose Depp.

The Victoria Secret beauty walked the runway twice, first in an abstract neon oversized sweatshirt and disastrously printed skirt (all “pop” and no “art”), and then later in an abstract dress that looks like a child drew on it.

Behind the scenes, Stella Maxwell was spotted cozying up to Taylor Hill, playing with her inflatable mules, and smoking cigarettes with 18-year-old Bella Hadid. Just kidding. They were just posing with cigarettes…because they’re just props…because nobody’s ever heard of models smoking cigarettes. Although if you ask me, both girls probably do their fair share of smoking – both Miley and The Weeknd haven’t exactly made their love of marijuana a secret.

One thing’s for sure: here’s hoping Stella Maxwell and Bella Hadid keep their friendship up after fashion week is over.

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