Oh My Moschino: Jeremy Scott Is Moving To Menswear


If you’re a fan of kitschy high fashion, you probably worship Jeremy Scott. Known for re-vamping Moschino with themes like fast food and Barbie dolls, he’s certainly not quiet when it comes to expressing himself.

If you’re a dude and you’ve been waiting for the moment when you can find some Scott designed pieces in your size, or you’re a chick who’s been dying to deck your boo out in Moschino (hello sugar mama), then never fear! Jeremy Scott will be presenting Moschino’s first menswear collection this June in Italy.

The collection will be presented at Pitt Uomo, a bi-annual trade show in Italy. This is certainly another movement in the upward trend in menswear, as New York announced in February that they will now have a menswear fashion week.

So, the real question is, does this new trend in mens high fashion mean that dudes will finally start dressing better? Will the “trend” of dudes in sagging basketball shorts during the day, and basic khakis and polos at night be finished?

Only time will tell, but if all dude’s start dressing as good as Jeremy Scott, I will be one happy lady.

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