Jeremy Scott is literally designing flame UGGs

Much like Crocs, UGGs are a divisive 2000s footwear trend that people still have incredibly strong opinions on.

But while haters are gonna hate, Jeremy Scott, one of the few designers who still knows how to make fashion week fun, low key loves UGGs.

Describing himself as an “undercover UGG fan” to WWD, Jeremy announced he’s designing his own line of UGGs launching this September.

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“I loved the classic tall boot because it’s so recognizable and very indicative of L.A. and Malibu,” Scott told WWD. “That was my first impression of Kate Hudson and Britney Spears wearing them. There’s a sense of nostalgia for that era right now.” His eight piece collection will feature one boot covered in very circa 2000s-style flames.

Another will be totally covered in multi-color crystals and probably seen on the feet of Miley Cyrus on multiple public occasions.

And a third will feature the words “UGG” and “Life” in that Old English typeface that all the fuckboys and fuckgirls of the world hold near and dear to their hearts.

Love them or hate them, UGGs are still an obsession for most of the world, which is why their global sales haven’t really dipped at all in the past decade.

Either way, the collection is dropping September 13 so mentally prepare yourself for UGGs to invade your Instagram feed.

[H/T The Cut]

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