What Celebs Are Checking Out Each Others ASSets

Remember those shirts that people used to wear that said “my eyes are up here?” I can’t say I see anyone wearing those t-shirts anymore, in fact, fashion seems to have gone in the opposite direction. A ridiculously plunging neckline has gone from slutty to chic in the past couple years- and we love it!

(How to embrace your tits- big or small!)

J.Lo, always looking sexy as hell, showed off her assets last night at the Golden Globes, and Jeremy Renner couldn’t help himself from taking a peak at her golden globes either…

Galore Mag - Jennifer Lopez - Golden Globes

Don’t worry Jeremy, we wouldn’t be able to resist either! Plus, if she didn’t want you looking, she wouldn’t be flaunting them like that, right?

Here are some of our other favorite celebs caught in the act:

1. Obama

Galore Mag - Obama

Monica Lewinsky 2.0?

2. Sophia Loren & Jayne Mansfield

Galore Mag- Sophia Loren - Jayne Mansfield

Nothing like checking out the competition..

3. Leo Dicaprio

Galore Mag - Leonardo Dicaprio - Butt

You’ll never let go Jack, will you?

4. Ellen Degeneres & Katy Perry

Galore Mag - Ellen Degeneres - Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s tits should have their own career by now

5. Biebs & Amber Rose

Galore Mag - Amber Rose - Justin Bieber

Do you belieb in love at first sight?

6. Miley Cyrus &… Miley Cyrus

Galore Mag -Miley Cyrus

Sometimes you gotta check yourself out, and do double duty on nip-slip avoidances

7. Chris Rock & Rihanna

Galore Mag - Chris Rock - Rihanna

Dat… Ass

8. J.Lo Once Again

Galore Mag- JLo - Pitbull

It must be SO hard being as hot as J.Lo… (but, really, can you blame anyone for staring?)

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