Is Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Single “All That” Her Best Yet?

Even if you didn’t want to love Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash success of a single “Call Me Maybe,” after hearing it blasting and blaring from every car, computer screen, and closeted pop fan’s mouth for months, you probably found yourself bopping around to it with at least a half-smile twisting out of your otherwise stiff upper lip.  Or maybe you were on the Carly Rae train since the first time you heard the song and think all the haters can go f*ck themselves.  No matter which camp you find yourself belong to to, the fact of the matter is that Carly Rae Jepsen is here to stay and her songs aren’t getting any less listenable.  In fact, they’re getting better.

“All That,” Jepsen’s new single that she premiered on Saturday Night Live this weekend, is a sexy, synthy slow jam that proves the princess of perky pop is ready to grow up (or at least start appealing to older audiences).  Bringing in retro demigod Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Grammy-winning producer Ariel Rechtshaid as collaborators, Jepsen makes it impossible for you to deny “All That” immediate access to your pleasure cortex.

After the show, Jepsen took to Twitter to let all of us know that not only is her new single available to purchase on iTunes (of course it is), but that it’s also her “heart song of the album.”  While calling it a “heart song” almost makes us gag on the can of Cheez Whiz we keep in the corner of our room for absolute emergencies, nothing can stop the power of the Jepsen.

Look out world, and prepare for total Jepsen domination.



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