Jennifer McDermott Talks Tech, Fitness, And Her New Brand #Boboboutique

Jennifer McDermott was literally raised on the internet. So when designing her collection workout wear collection #boboboutique, she decorated the sweats, leggings, and tees with graphic screenshots and even her own selfies. In our interview, Jen reveals her design process, the trends she forsees for the future, and of course, her thoughts on sex at the gym. Check it out below!


What kind of a girl/ guy wears your clothes?

Those that want to have fun with their wardrobe and share that fun with the world! One who wears #BoboBoutique feels as comfortable surfing an online chatroom as they do surfing at Venice Beach. A #BoboBoutique / #LeSportGothique guy or gal transitions through many real and fantasy realities in a single day, so their wardrobe needs to be​ one step ahead. 

When you design, how do you get started? Do you just open a bunch of windows on your computer and take a screenshot, or what?

​That can sometimes be my process​, ne​ver intentionally but just as a way of working. In my art/design practice I spend a lot of time conceptualizing the work. Most of my time is spent thinking about the work and the transformations the work goes through as a result of testing and experimenting. Desire and Play are also important concepts in my studio life​. ​I greatly enjoy this process and really just have fun with it. I am a big proponent of the idea of doing what you love, and the rest will follow. I feel each and every one of us has unique talents to share with the world, and it is our job to do the work and uncover those to fulfill our destiny. For me, I love the art of Play and sense of lightness and fun that #LeSportGothique embodies and ideally exudes.

Would you say your aesthetic is Health Goth? If not, what is it?

Health goth has definitely inspired my aesthetic. The internet and media and its surplus of imagery is the backdrop for a pause in time and space that #LeSportGothique ​occupies.

Also​, ​kawaii imagery, ​hentai, religious iconography, advertising and the urban aesthetic​ have​ really inspired the line.  One thing that really pushes this inquiry into the melding of aesthetics is the idea of  filling the space between the functional and the non-functional.

Where does the name #boboboutique come from?

#Bobo was born last year as a faux boutique art installation. My model friends posed for an amazing set of photographs in vintage and custom wear that became a curated boutique installation. The photographs were projected over the clothing on racks and mannequins​ with ​shelves of custom made products, complete with glitter, poster board ​cutout ​dildos, and, of course, a custom soundtrack. It purely embodies both definitions of “bobo” (the melding of bohemian bourgeois) with the concept of a knockoff handbag you purchase on Canal Street. #Bobo ​its a movement and ​a lifestyle.

Is that your own personal selfie on the selfie leggings? How does it feel your face is emblazoned on people’s asses everywhere?

Yes, it’s my own iPhone5 selfie. It matches a series of #SelfiePorcelainPlates as well, so your home decor can match your wardrobe. It’s an honor​ to be emblazoned on the asses of the masses.

What’s a major trend you foresee for the coming year?

Health-inspired fashion trends, fully embodying the broken, the displaced and misplaced. ​Apparel that really embodies the urban time-traveler as couture chic traveler, who is realizing the destination was​ ​the journey. Stay tuned for ​more on my collaborative full scale fashion line​ dropping soon….​#Avignon S/S 2016.

How do technology and fitness interact for you?

I see them as synonymous.​ ​We can’t get on an elliptical without engaging with technology, our steps and calories are tracked by apps on our smartphones.​ ​Technology has been embedded into  everything we do.​ ​I think it’s just an automatic reflex now. ​We can check the waves on an app before ​venturing out to the beach, ​check our jogging route and mileage ​before even lacing up our shoes. I even depend on digitally remastered music playing through my phone. We’re constantly wired in,​ even ​when attempting to be outside in nature. What a beautiful gift we have​ with​ all these gadgets and apps ​to be better informed and prepared for all our adventures! I think the dilemma I personally face is remaining present with all the mediated distractions I can get really caught up in. Like everything with me, its about striving for a balance.

What’s the best way for Galore girls and guys to look hot at the gym?

By going and putting in your best! Getting your endorphins going​, treating your body well​ and making yourself a priority​ are some of the most attractive qualities. When we take care of ourselves and give ourselves that time we can be better fit to give to those around us, shining from the inside out, sharing our unique #LeGothique light with the world.  🙂

What’s hotter than #selflove!?

​C​onfidence is​ so​ major, you need to be confident and comfortable in your ensemble.

Confidence is such an attractive quality, when you’re wearing pieces that help you radiate self confidence you’re unstoppable and the world sees that. That’s the Essence of a Galore guy or gal in #BoboLifestyle brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a movement

Is sex at the gym a yes or a no? What about boning your personal trainer?

I think sex anywhere is a definite yes! On a side note, I started a text art piece including “Best Places to….” and one was a compilation of best public places to have sex.​ It is still a work in progress. 😉

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