Jennifer Lawrence Is Chill About Smoking Weed, But Not About Being Bieber’s Bae

Jennifer Lawrence is America’s Sweetheart precisely because in an age where most celebrities give canned answers that seem like they’ve spent hours rehearsing with their publicists, J Law would rather seem real. Whether or not you believe this is an act or not is up to you, but last night Jennifer Lawrence, the girl who could be your BFF, was in full force on Watch What Happens Live, Bravo’s late night talk show where celebrities often appear with an boozy beverage in hand.


In between splitting her time between her beeand her Pumptini (which I can only assume is a pumpkin martini, but who knows), Jennifer Lawrence maintained her chill while answering a handful of soft questions that an Oscar winner should probably never have to answer.

During a game called “Plead the Fifth”, where host Andy Cohen asked her three questions, one of which she could opt out of answering, J.Law revealed that yes, she and Liam Hemsworth had kissed off screen (Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?) and yes, she smoked pot before the Oscars one time out of her brother’s bong.

Throughout the rest of the interview, Jennifer also revealed that Bradley Cooper is a “fantastic kisser” who doesn’t scrimp when it comes to throwing in some tongue, but that never would she ever hook up with Justin Bieber, who told the world he had a major crush on her last month in a radio appearance on Capital FM.

While playing a very 2015 game entitled ‘To Bae, Or Not To Bae’, which host Roman Kemp described as Tinder for Shakespeare, Justin didn’t even try to hide his admiration for J.Law.  “Oh yeah, bae fo sho,” said Justin, squirming in his seat and blushing. “She’s so sexy. She’s unbelievable. She’s so cute.”

I couldn’t really imagine the relationship gaining much speed outside of Justin Bieber’s head at the time, and sure enough, I was right.  When asked if she would ever “tap that”, just like Justin, Jennifer didn’t skip a beat before answering.  “I’m going to say a hard no.”

Oh well, at least he tried.



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