PREMIERE: Jennie Vee Is a Moody Sea Witch in ‘So Hard’

Courtney Love’s bassist and muse Jennie Vee knows how to have a good time — but her moody new single “So Hard,” the third from her latest album, comes from a different place.

“There really was nothing ‘fun’ about writing this song,” Jennie told Galore. “I had to go through an extreme amount of pain and self analysis to write ‘So Hard’ — especially lyrically.”

She’s serious: the first line is “Once I was yours/now I’m nothing.”

“I’m talking about how I found myself at an emotional rock bottom,” she said, “and was at a point where I was basing my self worth on external circumstances, influences, and people. I was at a point where I truly gave all my power away.”

Sadly, many of us have been there. Jennie says she was “constantly trying to be in complete control, poised and gracious, when on the inside, I [was] falling apart.”

Heavy. But on the bright side, a gorgeous song came out of it, with Rizz of LA band VOWWS directing a video — shot at Point Dume in Malibu and Rizz’s Hollywood apartment — to match.

“She’s well known in the underground music scene for her dark, often schizophrenic and surreal style music videos,” Jennie told us. “I had seen the work she does for her own band and knew immediately she would be able to capture my angst.”

Watch the video for “So Hard” below.

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