Jenah Yamamoto AKA @GypsyOne Knows How To Jet-Set Best

Jet-setting darling Jenah Yamamoto talks travelling in style and smoking the best weed around the world.

My most recent trip was all about traveling around Europe for the month of June. My boyfriend and I started our EuroTrip in Prague. I quickly determined Prague was quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever laid eyes on and swore to return. Spent the day there and took the overnight train to Krakow, Poland. We visited there for several days and then caught a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. From Copenhagen we roadtripped to Aarhus, Denmark and spent about 3 days there with some friends for a graffiti event. After Denmark we traveled to the Amalfi Coast in Italy where we spent about a week vacationing in Italian heaven. Ended our trip with a short stay in Rome and rested our tired feet on the long flight back to Hawaii. Europe is so foreign to me and I love getting lost in the culture there. There is so much to see and Europe has so much to offer. It is a place I will never get tired of visiting.


How did you get into travel?
I’ve always had a wandering soul. My boyfriend and I decided to start traveling around the world non-stop for the past two years for both work and pleasure. We don’t have any kids or pets so we figured its now or never.

What is the oddest place you have traveld to?
Depends on your definition of “odd” but I thought that Israel was pretty strange. I was there for 10 days and it was so different from anywhere I have ever been…although Chester, Pennsylvania was pretty weird too.

Out of all your travels who has the best weed?
I would have to say California has the best weed. I know its so stereotypical but its actually true.

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6 beginner travel tips for a girls weekend:
-Keep your cosmetics and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag or purse in case your baggage is delayed.

-Wear an airport outfit that includes a cute hat so you don’t have to pack it, and you have an extra accessory for your trip.

-Try to plan out your outfit(s) for each day of your trip so you don’t end up overpacking.

-Don’t forget to accessorize! Bring a mix of statement pieces as well as subtle jewelry for transitioning from day to night.

-Pack a good variety of shoes. Your shoes could make or break your outfit.

-Stay hydrated! Have some water in between drinks at night and if your drinking all day (as you probably will), be sure to get some water bottles for when you wake up at 7am feeling like you were stranded in the Sahara desert for a month.

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5 places you recommend to see before you die:
Prague, Czech Republic
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Tokyo, Japan
Hawaii, United States
Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan

What are you planning as your next trip?
I’m visiting Hong Kong in late August for the first time and hopefully Morocco in October!

Favorite travel snack:
I always try to take some pinkberry with me on the plane if leaving from Honolulu, otherwise I save my delta biscoff cookies every time.


4 tips on traveling alone:
-Be safe and smart! Research and familiarize yourself with your destination. Tripadvisor is a really good website for recommendations for anything travel related.

-Live a little. Stay out late, try new food, talk to strangers.

-Don’t overpack! Less is more.

-Buy a portable phone charger. Your never alone when you have your cell phone!

What country has the hottest men?
It’s a tough call but I’d have to go with either UK or Australia. My boyfriend is gonna kill me.

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