Jemima Kirke Opens Up About Her Abortion

Abortion: It’s a sensitive subject for most Americans, but it’s also a reality for one in three women. Earlier today the Center for Reproductive Rights released a PSA staring the woman you love-hate on Girls, Jemima Kirke.  With her trademark candor, Kirke shares the story of her own abortion in an effort to try and remove the shame and stigma that continue to be associated with the procedure.

Back in 2007, when Kirke was still in college in Providence, RI, she and her then-boyfriend became pregnant.  Like most college students, Kirke’s life was “just not conducive to raising a healthy, happy child,” and she “didn’t think it was fair” to have a child under those circumstances.  Abortion was the only sensible option.  Not wanting to tell her parents, Kirke and her boyfriend paid for the procedure themselves,  emptying out their own checking accounts in the process. Although they put together enough to pay for the procedure, they couldn’t afford anesthesia, so Kirke had her abortion without it.

She shares her story in an effort to encourage women to be more open about their reproductive rights, and less afraid to share their stories.  As a mother of two, she would love to see her daughters grow up in a world where women had “one less thing to battle.”  Fingers crossed, for all of our sake’s.


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