Jasmine Tookes Shares Fresh Faced Beauty Tips

The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special airs tomorrow night and we cannot wait to watch it! Eleven Victoria’s Secret Angels will take us behind the scenes and into their photoshoot in Puerto Rico like never before. We know tomorrow isn’t very far away, but we had to get as much of the scoop as we possibly could before it airs. Lucky for us, Jasmine Tookes shared some of her favorite moments from Puerto Rico and even gave us her fresh faced beauty tips! See it all below.


The world finally gets to see how athletic shooting for VS truly is! What was the scariest thing you had to do while shooting the VS Swim Special?

This shoot was actually one of the crazier ones for me. Russell had me running into the waves and out of the waves. I kept getting crushed down and hit by them in every which way. I was always falling over, but that has to be the scariest thing that happened!

What was your favorite memory from shooting the VS Swim Special?

The Juanes performance was my best memory! All the girls got together at a bar filled with locals and we salsa’d the night away.

I saw a trailer that included the Juanes performance! I love how fresh faced your makeup was for it. What products are necessary for achieving the no-makeup-makeup look?

To look bare faced just have a really good bronzer and waterproof mascara. Those things will make your face look much more awake!

While in Puerto Rico, you shot in some of the Very Sexy So Obsessed looks! The collection seems extremely comfortable, yet super stylish. What makes this collection different from previous ones?

My favorite part about it is the extreme lift! It gives you something extra, but it’s still really comfortable and easy to wear.

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