Jasmin Savoy Brown Takes A Break From ‘The Leftovers’ To Share Her Beauty Routine

Jasmin Savoy Brown, breakout star of HBO’s drama, The Leftovers, is normally so busy on set that she doesn’t have a second to think about grooming. Just kidding. Even though she’s learning from master actors on set and living out her small screen dreams, Jasmin always keeps an eye on the makeup artists. Here, she revealed the most indispensable pieces of beauty advice she picked up on set. Get them for yourself, below.

What’s the best thing about working on The Leftovers?

My favorite part about working on the show was working with the cast. This cast is phenomenal, full of some of the best actors that are working right now (in my totally unbiased opinion ;)). Every single person is exceptional, and even more than that, they are so willing to teach and share. There were no divas on set. When I felt stuck or challenged, I would reach out to any one of them, usually Kevin Carroll (who plays my dad) and he would take the time to help me through the block and teach me something more about acting. And then to see him apply exactly what he just taught me into the scene. It was like being paid to attend a master class. With my favorite actors. Say what??

Tell us about your first acting experience.

It is funny that you ask about this, because I was recently home for the holidays and looking through old journal entries in my childhood room and came across this one! It was not my first acting experience per se, but it is the first one that I can remember. I was four or five years old, and the biggest local theatre was auditioning for the musical, BRIGADOON, being staged that year at The Hult Center (the biggest theatre in town where all of the touring Broadway musicals come through). I was ecstatic. My mom helped me learn a song and a monologue. We rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed and we had so much fun rehearsing together. When audition time came, we were shocked to learn that the auditions were done in groups, in front of every other person auditioning! I got up on the stage, and I sang, but I sang silently. Bombed the monologue. Failed the dance call epically. It honestly could not have gone any worse. I obviously was not invited to a callback or to join the cast. Ha! But what I learned then and there, was that loving the work, loving the process, is the most important thing. I had so much fun rehearsing with my mom. That is what I remember most and that is what counts.

If there was one thing you could change about the entertainment industry, what would it be?

I think many of the changes that I want to see are *slowly* happening. Obviously I would like to see more female roles and more roles for people of color. Really, I want the screen to reflect REAL LIFE. Regina King asked me a good question in Texas. “Why are we always talking about ‘Black’ and ‘White’? Don’t you think little Indian girls want to see themselves on screen? What about Mexican boys? Japanese kids?” That really got me thinking. She is completely right. YES, let us continue to make strides and get more black faces on the screens. Yes, let us continue to hire women to direct and star in our films. But where is everyone else? Why is our conversation limited to Black and White? If my screen reflected my average day, it would be home to hundreds of colors, ages, disabilities, genders. So to answer your question, if I could change ONE thing about the entertainment industry, it would be to correct the inaccuracy of how “real life” is depicted, to allow all people to tell their own stories.

What product you use to keep your curls on fleek?

I am obsessed with ORS Curls Unleashed (green tea and mango) Shine & Define Mousse. So good. So good.

Your go-to nail color is?

Black! Always black. Goes with everything.

After a long day on set, you cleanse your skin using?

Evanhealy Rose Cleansing Milk followed up with Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer, by the same brand, or coconut oil, depending on my skin’s mood.

One product you never leave home without?

Evanhealy’s Rose Petal Facial Tonic! I spray it on before applying my moisturizer and makeup at the beginning of the day, and then reapply throughout the day to keep my face hydrated and refreshed!

Favorite makeup brands that cater to women of color?

Laura Mercier, Nars and Maestro

One beauty trend you can’t wait to try out?

I can not wait to someday shave my head. It is not time yet, but when the right role comes along, it will be “so long locks!”

Best beauty tip you’ve learned from an on-set makeup artist?

Carla, my make-up mama on The Leftovers, encouraged me to use a sponge, instead of a makeup brush, to apply my blush, and it works so much better! When I am in a hurry and do not have time to clean my brushes, I do not have to worry about using a dirty brush on my skin – I have a clean sponge every time.

Photos by John Willy

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