Japan’s ‘Black Widow’ Takes Gold-Digging To A Dangerous Level

Heartbreakers, the 2001 rom-com starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver, is one of those guilty pleasure movies. The concept is hilarious (and brilliant) in that Weaver seduces older men into marriage, and Hewitt seduces them into adultery, eventually leading to divorce and a large sum of money going to Weaver (for the two of them to split, of course).

If you haven’t seen Heartbreakers (and I urge you to check it out), you’ve all heard of the traditional “gold-digger” from Kanye West and Jamie Foxx. Marrying for money has probably crossed every chicks mind at least once after a financially dire situation, right? But at the end of the day we want to marry for love. Besides, imagine having to spend your whole life with a guy that you don’t even like, no amount of Louboutins will make up for that.

But, what if you didn’t have to spend the rest of your life with your sugar daddy? Chisako Kakehi, 68-year old Japanese woman, had a better plan. Why not marry men for their money and then get rid of them?

After Kakehi’s 75 year old husband was found dead in his home, police further investigated what they originally had thought was a heart attack, and found cyanide in the man’s bloodstream. After further investigating Kekahi’s past, they found a total of six men that Kakehi had married and/or dated, and then left for dead. Conveniently, all six of the men had listed Kakehi as one of the only beneficiaries on their will, and all men similarly were found with cyanide in the body upon death.

While Kakehi’s exact motives haven’t been uncovered, it’s clear that financial gain was her primary motive, and she took advantage of Japanese dating sites to seduce her victims. Unlike male serial killers, female serial killers (who only make up about 20% of all serial killers) are much more likely to murder for “practical reasons.” Dr. Scott A. Bonn from Psychology Today, explains how women are more likely to kill for “financial profit, comfort or revenge,” whereas men typically kill for “sexual or sadistic” reasons.

Another reason for the ease in which Kakehi was able to ensnare her victims? Japan’s ever-changing society. Merry White, an anthropology professor at Boston University who focuses on Japanese society, explains how the older men in which Kakehi seduced were part of a generation that “never learned how to take care of themselves.” They previously had subservient housewives at their beck and call, and would never suspect that a woman would seek revenger against their dominant behavior.

Unfortunately for the men of Japan, as well as around the world, women are starting to question their place in society. While we might not all resort to Kakehi’s bloodthirsty behavior, there’s no doubt that we’re not afraid to be a little dangerous.

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