The Japanese Diet Is The Healthiest In The World, According To Lisa Ishiwata

We’re down for sushi every once in a while (or every day). After a lifetime of California rolls, though, you start to wonder what other delecacies Japan has to offer. Lisa Ishiwata, and blogger for Nylon Japan is based in Tokyo and has in Instagram that makes our stomachs rumble, so we hit her up for the low down on what makes the Japanese diet the best in the world. She might have you trying fermented soybeans one of these days. Read on for more food recommendations to fill you up and skip the trans fats!


I’ve heard the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. What makes it healthier than the American diet?

I guess it’s because we eat a lot of fish both raw and cooked. We have a very balanced diet. Rice, for example has lots of vitamins and minerals and that’s what we eat the most in our daily lives! We also have miso, soy sauce, sesame oil, and lots more on the healthy food list that I can’t even bother telling you. Everything about Japanese food is healthy and delicious!

What are some of the staples in your grocery basket?

I buy lots of fruits. I also often buy Tofu, because it hardly has fat in it but still makes me full. It’s one of the best foods to eat when you’re on a diet.

Is there anything you eat on the reg in Japan that would shock the rest of the world?
Natto, definitely Natto. Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis…. and it’s really sticky and smelly but tastes like heaven. If you visit Japan, Natto is on the top of the list of things you should try tasting.

What is the best salad in Tokyo?

Mobo Moga’s Avocado salad. They use a whole avocado for one plate; slice it in half, take out the seed, and fill salsa sauce in the hole. You eat the avocado with salsa sauce using a spoon. It’s the best salad for sure and it only costs 850 yen (about 7 US dollars)! Reasonable price, heavenly taste.



We saw your incredible homemade pizza on Insta. How can you eat pizza and maintain a healthy body?

Oh, that one’s not home-made! Fooled you. But I do love pizza. Pizza’s my boyfriend. I don’t gain so much weight from what I eat, but still I go running twice or three times a week in the morning with my favorite pair of NIKE Airmax kicks. I eat lots of veggies and fruits as well.

What’s your favorite quick and easy homemade breakfast?

I recently got myself a waffle maker. All I need to do is mix pancake mix with egg, coconut oil (instead of butter) and milk, and pour it into the machine. I like to sprinkle sugar and frozen raspberries and blueberrieson top, and eat with yogurt blueberry ice cream. Sometimes I make myself an acai bowl too. Nom Nom!!


Where have you travelled that had the best food?

Bali, Indonesia. Mie goreng, Pad Thai, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Champur… most of the dishes are a bit spicy but sweet, and everything is so cheap there. The easy way to imagine what Indonesian food tastes like is to think of dishes that taste like a mixture of Filipino, Thai, and Japanese  food.

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