Japanese Sensation Nulbarich  Joins Benny Sings for New Single “Just a Game”

Nulbarich stands as one of Japan’s most renowned “Neo City Pop” bands, captivating audiences with their unique blend of live music, sampled beats, and groovy sound. Since their debut album in 2016, their career has been on a constant upward trajectory, fueled by the masterful production of singer-songwriter JQ.

Their rise to prominence was marked by the recognition of global brands like Honda, who chose their songs for commercials. Within just two years, Nulbarich achieved a remarkable feat by selling out one of Japan’s largest concert venues. Their captivating music has transcended borders, captivating audiences in China, Taiwan, and South Korea.


Not content with conquering the Asian market alone, Nulbarich has set their sights on the American scene. They have graced events in Los Angeles, leaving a lasting impression on the international stage. Now, they are poised to reach new heights with their latest single, “Just a Game.”

For their latest production, Nulbarich has joined forces with Benny Sings, a Dutch songwriter, producer, and artist with a career spanning over two decades. Benny Sings has crafted a stunning collection of songs that have garnered acclaim from both audiences and critics alike. His talent has taken him from LA to Tokyo to Amsterdam, where his performances have consistently sold out venues.  In addition to his impressive accomplishments, Benny Sings has composed platinum-awarded songs and created music for renowned brands such as Apple and Kirin. His work also extends to the realm of television, with contributions to the Netflix show “Carole & Tuesday” and appearances in productions by HBO and Netflix.


The result of this collaboration is an uplifting anthem of resilience. The song’s opening lines, “It’s a big world outside. Are you ready to take it in?” capture the difficulty of everyday challenges while also setting the stage for a journey of self-discovery and perseverance. The chorus repeats the reassuring refrain “Maybe it’s just a game,” serving as a reminder that life may be full of overwhelming challenges, but they also present opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

When it comes to instrumentation, the song presents a blend of electronic beats, jazzy piano riffs, and exceptional guitar work that flawlessly accompany and complement the vocals. The harmonies formed by Nulbarich’s smooth vocals and Benny Sings’ soothing harmonies create a calming atmosphere that reinforces the song’s message.

The song starts out slow, evoking a sense of melancholy, but gradually evolves into an anthem for those who find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday life and seek inspiration. 

More than just a song, Nulbarich has created a soundtrack for those moments in life when everything seems to grow opaque and dull. Their music helps bring color to these moments by encouraging a calm and optimistic perspective.


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