Be A Fearless Artist Like Singer Jane Decker

Jane Decker is our fave rising pop star and the single biggest talent The Voice missed out on. The Cincinnati sweetheart is killing it with her Stonewallin EP, but at the end of the day, she is still a young woman trying to find her unique voice, just like the rest of us. Jane talked about branching out from covering songs, to writing her new material and even gave tips to other young girls on how to be fearless.

Jane Decker, Stonewallin', The Voice, Galore Mag

Has music always been in your blood? What are your earliest performance memories?

I’ve always loved singing in front of people, I don’t know why, I just have. My earliest memory would definitely be standing on the fireplace at my parents house. It was my stage and my kingdom. Unfortunately, even me standing on a one foot high platform still made me shorter than everyone in the room. I would sing songs that I wrote – I was like 5 so they would go something like, “we don’t like spiders, we don’t like spiders” over and over until I ran out of breath and wanted ice cream.

Going from covering songs (like your Florence audition for “The Voice”) to championing your own songs. What are you discovering about yourself as you gear up for your debut record? What is your distinct voice?

Dang, hard question. I’m kind of still figuring out what my voice is. People tell me it’s unique and I don’t hear it at all. I just feel like I have good pitch. I love pop music, specifically ’80s pop music. That’s who I think I am.

What kind of girl are you?

The female kind! I guess I’m pretty girly, but not all frilly pink girly. I’m more interested in higher fashion and learning how to use makeup that doesn’t make me look like a clown. I love being a girlfriend. I love going on dates. However, I’m pretty independent. I don’t like people telling me what I can and can’t do.

Jane Decker, Stonewallin', The Voice, Galore Mag

We’re digging your new blonde look. What are some other fashion trends/looks you would love to try?

I would love to darken my hair a little bit, more of a sandy blonde. I also am patiently waiting for my hair to grow out so I can whip it around and feel like I’m in KISS. I’m not very good at wearing heels, I just don’t like them. Lately, I’ve been buying wedges to work myself into the world of heels. It’s terrifying and my feet hurt.

KISS, Jane Decker, Galore Mag

Another thing we’re all about is your confidence! What are some tips you have for young girls to be fearless?

I’m gonna be honest; I get let down pretty easy, and 100% of the time I let it get to me. However, It only takes control for about five minutes. I think the most important thing about being confident and successful is that you have to be understanding that not everything is going to be perfect. When things go wrong, you can’t bottle it up inside and act like everything is perfect. Sometimes it’s just good to be angry, or upset. Take that energy and use it to motivate you to take the next step.

What songs are you currently singing in the shower? Who are your music obsession right now?y

I’m really loving the new Third Eye Blind track. I love Third Eye Blind, so I was really happy to see that release. I also am loving the new Kendrick Lamar record. He makes me feel groovy.

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