Jamillette Gaxiola’s Insider Tips For Rescuing Your Damaged Hair

Jamillette Gaxiola is a model, actress, and UFC fighter, who, before becoming a triple threat, spent years on the Cuban beauty pageant circuit. Combine her pageant skills and her modelling experience, it’s safe to say that Gaxiola’s face and hair have been through just about everything, from dying to cutting to insane heat exposure. She’s picked up some insider secrets to protect locks from the elements, to ensure your mane is always shiny and silky.

Product That Leaves Hair SilkyUberliss RituOil! This product does wonders.

Hair Saver You Bring EverywhereIt’s A 10 oil, seriously. I have extremely curly hair so it helps when humidity hits and the fro is on.

Avoid ChemicalsA long time ago I tried that whole ombre trend which I loved, but it completely destroyed my hair. My only solution then was to go back to my natural color.

Unconventional Rescue From Heat DamageI have a funny story; well it’s funny now, it wasn’t then. I was overseas and my flat iron completely over heated, and cost me a big chunk of hair. Do to few resources at the time, room service was nice enough to accommodate my random request, which I call my “Ghetto Fabulous Hair Mask” ingredients: Avocado and Mayo. I welcome you to try it! Not the greatest smell, so apply at your own nasal risk!

Top Beauty Secret You’ve Learned In The Industry: Gentle completion correction pads by Peter Thomas Roth are a life saver! Getting your make up done all the time, your skin takes a beating. Since I discovered this I’m obsessed. If I see a pimple creeping after a shoot, I immediately rush to wash my face then proceed to use the cleansing pads. The next day, my skin is glowing and pimple free.

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