5 Of Jamie Dornan’s Best Red Carpet Suit Moments

Many of my friends in relationships are hoping to somehow get in a huge fight with their boo on V-Day just to escape to the theaters for an evening with Jamie Dornan. The 50 Shades Of Grey stud is causing females around the world to look at their current dudes in disgust. It’s all so unfair. Not only do we have to look at our muscleless lovers who lack precision while grooming their facial hair, but shirtless photos of Jamie have existed on the internet for YEARS and none of us even had a clue until he was announced as Christian Grey last year. While he looks damn good sans shirt, he looks even better in a full suit (weird I know). This magical man has had some pretty epic red carpet looks. In preparation for the many perfectly tailored suits we are about to see on Christian Grey, here’s our 5 favorites Jamie Dornan has rocked in real life.

galore_mag_jamie_dornan galore_mag_jamie_dornan1 galoe_mag_jamie_dornan2 galore_mag_jamie_dornan3 galore_mag_jamie_dornan4

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