Jake Gyllenhall’s Six Pack Gives Us Life


Jake Gyllenhall is beefin’ up for his new movie Southpaw about a boxing powerhouse with a rock body. For the role, he dropped 30 lbs of chub and gained them back in lean, lean muscle. Okay, so sometimes gym bodies freak me out. Expecially when the dude has been working on his upper half but still maintains the legs of a newborn baby chicken. Like, how do those tiny legs hold up that major torso? The Hulk is cool and all, but would I really want to date him?! But that is not the case with Gyllenhall the Gym Rat, who has obviously been pimping out the gym the right way and taking protien supplements on the side. His abs are cut like a marble sculpture, and when they’re covered with a slight sheen of warm sweat? Even better. He basically looks like he could pick me up, throw me down in the boxing ring, and have his way with me…. F*** vegetarianism, this body transformation makes me want to snack on Gyllenhall’s man meat.


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