Jag Models Founders Talk Embracing Curves In Thin Obsessed Industry

Founded just this year, Jag Models is a modeling agency that’s challenging industry standards by having a board that caters to women of all sizes. With over two decades of experience between them, founders Jaclyn Sarka and Gary Dakin represent some of the top girls in the game, having placed them in everywhere from Vogue to V. We got to sit down with the duo and discuss the changing fashion industry and where they see it going. Check it out below!

1. How did you both of you get involved in the modeling industry?

Jaclyn got involved in the modeling industry straight from college as an intern with almost every division at Ford.  Ford realized she was an asset and decided to bring her on full time.

Gary began as a model out of high school and after a failed attempt in the NYC market, got involved in the business side of the industry and realized the rewards of building multiple careers instead of just one was more interesting.

2. Weight used to be a sign of wealth and health. When do you think the change happened and why has the industry taken so long to embrace women of different sizes?

The world has always embraced the world of regular women.  Only in the fashion industry over the last 20 years has the ideal of beauty changed so drastically.  From the Renaissance to Marilyn Monroe to the healthy models of the 70’s and 80’s, the world has always loved a womanly figure.  A handful of designers and editors changed that.

3. Do you believe in diets or that models should eat what they want?

At JAG, dieting is not something that is part of our vocabulary.  Living a healthy balanced life is what makes a woman her most beautiful.  Some women are naturally a 2, some are a 10 and some are a 16.  Being comfortable in your skin is the most important.  When you eat too much or too little, it will ultimately manifest itself in more ways than just your weight.  You can have skin issues, hair issues, and of course health issues.  Healthy choices and activity are essential for everyone’s well being.

4. Who are some of your favorite designers that have embraced all shapes?

Some of our favorite designers that have embraced the woman for who she is and not just a size are Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mark Fast, Donna Karan and Rick Owens because who doesn’t love Rick Owens!!!


5. Who are you favorite bombshells from past or present?

So many women are inspirational in and out of the industry.  Women of all sizes influence fashion and culture so it is hard to narrow it down but if we had to, we have personal as well as professional influences.  Gary: My grandmother, who continues to inspire me every day as well as the Vargas girls, I love the concept of classic beauty that this Peruvian painter had which permeated into the international consciousness. Jaclyn: Josephine, her grandmother and Sophia Loren who is EVERYTHING!!!

6. Where do the think the modeling industry will be in 10 years?

We think, or rather hope, the industry will ultimately blend together.  We at JAG are not fans of labels and a beautiful model is just that regardless of her size of a 2 an 8 or a 16.  We are seeing clients embrace the healthier bodies for their lingerie campaigns as well as for fashion stories in editorials.  The industry has seen starts and stops over the years and nothing has ever been as pervasive as this movement.  It is not about plus or straight size, but eliminating the titles and using the best model for the job.

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