Jadyn Douglas On Why NBC’s “Telenovela” Will Be Your New Guilty Pleasure

If you caught the premiere of NBC’s sizzling comedy “Telenovela” starring Eva Longoria, you probably noticed Puerto Rican born beauty, Jadyn Douglas, playing the role of Roxie. Born in San Juan Puerto Rico and raised in Nashville, Douglas started as a country pop singer before making her foray into acting. We talked to Douglas about her breakout role on “Telenovela”, and she dished about what types of scandals and drama we can expect from the show!

Galore Mag: What was the most unexpected part of working on Telenovela?

Jadyn Douglas: I’d have to say I didn’t know “working” could be so much fun! We laugh so much in between takes just talking about life. It really helps when you love the people you work with. And come on, who wouldn’t love having Eva as their boss? She’s the best!

GM: What’s one part of the show you think viewers will love?

JD: I think viewers are going to lose it with the season’s final episode. Telenovela may be a comedy but trust me, there are some tear provoking moments. Can’t say more than that though! You have to watch to find out 🙂

GM: What are the biggest differences between you as a person and the character you play?

JD: I’m a planner, pretty modest and tend to air on the safe side. Roxie, however is a very free spirit. Not to mention a bit risqué with her choices in clothing. My character is a blast to play!

GM: What was your favorite style moment on the show?

JD: Our costume designer Janie Bryant is amazing! I’d have to say one of my favorite looks was the rainbow dress I wore in the “Evil Twin” episode. I affectionately called it my “skanky rainbow bright dress.” Loved it!

GM: What did you wear to the premiere?

JD: I wore a beautiful mid-knee pencil dress by Ted Baker and some black heels. Not at all Roxie, haha!

GM: What will you do once the show goes on hiatus?

JD: I’d love to spend some time working in the studio. I started as a singer/songwriter so getting back to that would be amazing.  I’d also love to explore different roles in film and TV. When it’s what you love, you never stop working. Hiatus also allows for time to get involved in charities and give back. I personally feel I’m supposed to use my voice to be a light and help others. And of course…I’ll be getting ready for season 2!

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