Jaden Smith Drops New Track “Offering”


The Smith children, Willow and Jaden, never cease to amaze me with their talent that is undeniably beyond their years. And Jaden’s new track “Offering” is nothing different. Jaden’s stream of consciousness track is sonically driven by his own flow and voice, the vocals mixed heavily over smooth ambient drums and a whining woodwin instrument.

The beat resembles smooth jazz in its best moments, giving the track a laid back feel. But as the beat relaxes you, Jaden’s lyrics keep you on your toes as he flits between heavier topics–everything from the love he has for his father to the precarious state the planet is touched on in “Offering”. Jaden even tells us about how he worries about his future children’s lives. “I’m tryna make sure that my kids will have some oxygen when they land, you guys won’t understand.” he spits just before his vocals drop out and the beat finishes.

The beat, and Jaden’s stream of consciousness style seem to conjure the likes of “Five Deez” a la their track Decapitated Orgasms, where smooth, ambient beats mixed with vocal lyricism that plays with deceivingly melancholy lyrical material.

But “Decapitated Orgasms,” and much of the hip hop that sounds like it came out in 2003, when Jaden was just five years old. Despite that, it seems like the influence early 2000s conscious hip hop with jazz driven beats definitely reverberates in Jaden’s work.

Check out the track on soundcloud over here.

And if Offering leaves you nostalgic for Five Deez, check out “Decapitated Orgasms” here.


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