Jennifer Lawrence Makes Us Want To Be Dior In This Goddess-like Ad

One starlet was conspicuously absent from the Oscars red carpet, but never fear. Jennifer Lawrence may not have graced our TV screens Sunday, but she will be gracing billboards everywhere in her new Be Dior campaign!! J Law looks much more mature than her typical Tumblr-centric pizza loving persona, wearing her tousled pixie cut slicked back, a fresh face, and ultra chic 50’s menswear attire. Not to get too classic Dior, someone decided fake guages were a necessary accessory. J Baby also seems to have lost a few lbs (or the editors shaved them off with Photoshop) because her Earth-shattering curves are not as pronounced as usual. Curvy or stick skinny, bare faced or caked in dirt (Hunger Games FTW) we love the oh so cute actress either way. And us ladies know we’re too poor for Dior, but one glance at these pics and we’re willing to be late on next month’s rent just to own a bag. Here’s hoping citrus arm candy is making a comeback! One look at these pics and you’ll see why.




galore_mag_dior_jenn galore_mag_jlaw_dior4


galore_mag_jennifer_lawdior galore_mag_jennifer_dior2

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