Ivy Levan talks to us about her musical passion, and why she puts it above her talent for modeling. Levan demonstrates how one can incorporate the two separate talents and still be able to live out ones passion. Check out the photographs taken by one of fave photographers Elias Tahan and her interview below.

Photography by Elias Tahan


Describe your worst hangover. 
Oh I’m sure we would all agree that hangovers are all alike, regardless of the night prior. HELL ON EARTH! I pound coconut water and consume enough bananas that I’d swear I might turn into an ape. Now I stay clear of cheap liquor and limit myself to only a few rounds of vodka sodas. I can’t afford to be young and dumb anymore, haha! NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE! I’ve definitely had my share of wild nights and even wilder morning afters though!

All of your videos are in black & white. What’re your top 5 favorite vintage flicks?
Those would be Nosferatu, Nightmare Alley, The Killers, Detour, and The Blue Dahlia. I have many more but you catch my drift.


What’s the trick for keeping your amazing pompadour in place?
If I told you I’d have to kill you. We wouldn’t want that now would we? I’ll give you a hint: Abreea Saunders has got that magic touch. I dream it she executes.

How did your Southern upbringing influence your sound?
My roots are strong. I came up from a small town in Arkansas so I always had the will to work hard and stay humble. It is something us southern belles are taught from our female elders, “Southern Hospitality.”  But we definitely have tough skin and we don’t take shit from no one!  I think that comes out in my songs.


Marry, F***, Kill: James Dean, Marilyn Manson, Elvis
Marry: Elvis, F*** James Dean, Kill: Marilyn Manson. There’s absolutely no logic or reason behind any of these answers. Ha!

What was life like when you moved to LA at 16 years old?
Well I was pretty naive and starry eyed. I learned the ropes the hard way and modeled to pay the bills. There were struggles, successes, and rejection…a lot of growing pains for sure. But it made for great material to write about, that’s for sure!

Bombshell from past or present whose closet you’d die to raid?
Oh this question just isn’t fair! I have so many I’d like to raid! To name a few…Stevie Nicks, Grace Jones, and Lucille Ball.


What does being a dame mean to you?
Being “The Dame” came from my way of living life: strong, confident, dressed in your best, humorous, and independent. It’s all how you carry yourself. Your head held high and your stiletto on a mother f***er’s neck…in the most loving way possible of course.

What made you quit modeling?
I haven’t quit modeling entirely. I started modeling to pay the bills. It was either model or flip burgers. Which would you pick? I’m at a point in my life where I have the chance to put my focus 100% on my music and take advantage of that. My music comes first, always has and always will. Now I get to “model” for my own art, done by my rules. That’s where I had hoped to land eventually and now that’s what I get to do!

Most coveted beauty secret?
A damn good red lip.


Styling by Brett Nelson
Makeup by Ivy Levan

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