Ivanka Trump says she “stays out of politics” so now no one knows WTF she does

Nobody knows WTF Ivanka Trump’s job is.

Well, technically that’s not entirely true. We know what it is. Ivanka’s literal job title is special assistant to the president and we know that she has an office in the White House, but what’s unclear is what she does all day besides take poorly lit pictures for Instagram.

And the mystery deepened over the weekend when she went on record as saying she tries her best to “stay out of politics.”

Sorry, what?

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In an interview with Fox & Friends, when asked about what she advises her father on, Ivanka explained in a voice just above a whisper:

“I advise my father on a plethora of things. He trusts me to be very candid with my opinions. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I make it very clear where I stand on a certain issue. So I give him my open and candid feedback.”

But when asked later on what specifically she advises her father on, Ivanka perplexingly replied, “I try to stay out of politics.”

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“His political instincts are phenomenal,” Ivanka gushed, her voice still barely registering above a whisper. “I don’t profess to be a political savant, so I leave the politics to other people and really lean into the issues that I care deeply about.”

So in other words, she tries to stay out of politics unless it’s about an issue she cares about, which on the one hand is a good thing. Ivanka doesn’t really have the credentials to get to weigh in on every issue her father spends all night brainstorming how to fuck up. But on the other hand, it’s clear she’s hardly the voice of reason people hoped she would be in Trump’s administration. Which is kind of a bummer, but not really that surprising.

Watch a clip of it below but save any tomatoes you might be tempted to throw at the screen for your salad. She’s just not worth it.

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