Ivanka Trump Spent Last Night Liking Photos of Herself

If you’re a human being who’s alive, chances are you can’t help but like photos where you look good. And you want to die a little inside when you see a picture of yourself looking like a hot mess.

But you know who takes that to the next level?


And on Monday night, a celebrity named Ivanka Trump decided to spend her evening going ham on liking photos of herself.

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According to this timestamped tweet, shortly before 11 p.m., Ivanka Trump decided to unwind by liking a variety of photos she’d been tagged in. Most of which looked nearly identical.

Luckily for all of us, this public act of vanity was caught by @MarisaKabas, who just so happened to be curious about what her friends were liking on Insta that night.

Of course, Ivanka probably forgot that her liking history is something everybody can see, but what’s done is done!

But take this as a reminder.

Everybody can see what you get up to on Instagram.

So watch yourself.

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[H/T @MarisaKabas]

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