Iva DeMartelly Is The Fitness Goddess You Need To Know

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Iva DeMartelly is a yogic goddess, bikini model, and most importantly knows about fitness. Her diet advice is always spot on and she knows the best ways to fake it til you make it during bathing suit season, all while maintaining the idea that self-love is key. We got the chance to pick her brain about which health fads to avoid, which to embrace, and how to find that elusive perfect bikini. Read it all and more, below!

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What’s your favorite snack to bring on a hike or a day at the beach?

Coconut water is the best! I bring it everywhere with me. I’m a coconut addict. It’s a really good source of electrolytes to rehydrate your body after a long beach day or sweaty hiking session. For snacks, I like half an avocado, dried mango, a mason jar almond milk latte, or maybe some roasted sweet potato fries with coconut oil!

What’s the best fitness secret you’ve learned on your travels?

Run to explore your new territory. Once I land somewhere, it’s pretty much the first thing I do! It’s free, and since it’s probably a lot more interesting than your normal at-home route, you can run longer, and even without music if you’re brave! I also love looking for a new yoga or dance class to try out wherever I am. Not only is it a great way to meet locals, but it’s also really interesting to see how yoga has evolved differently in other countries.

What’s the best way to fake a booty in insta pics?

You are talking to the biggest booty faker ever! I think probably the widest, fattest, curve on my body is my smile :). I think that Brazilian Bikinis are the way to go, always. They accentuate the natural curve of a booty and bring out everyone’s inner Nicki Minaj…even mine.

What’s one health fad you absolutely don’t adhere to?

30 bananas a day diet. It’s also called Fruititarian, or High Carb Low Fat diet, and it means that the majority of your diet consists of  high sugar fruits like watermelon, dates, and bananas. I love a good ripe banana as much as the next girl and running off only sugar does sound like a fun time, but that cannot be good for your body, blood sugar, or mental sanity. Not to mention it makes you a really horrible date: you’ve outranked the “greek salad, no croutons, no cheese, dressing on the side” girl by far!

What bikini are you currently obsessed with?

I’m always in search of that elusive bikini. The one that no one else has. The one that hugs every curve perfectly, is on trend, and has an AMAZING color palette and I found it in an adorable startup Mexican booty-hugging brand based in Cabo- the home of the booty. Can’t believe I’m even sharing this secret, because I’m sure I will no longer be the only girl on the beach wearing it. If you have a Facebook, they’re under the page Mami Swimwear, and if you don’t have a Facebook, you can go back to your black coffee and talking about how cool it is not to have a Facebook and email them at mamiswimwear@gmail.com. (My favorite is the Lolita)

Easiest yoga pose that looks advanced?

Hmm… I would say Crow! You start in a forward bend then balance your knees off your triceps (upper armpit region) and lift your toes up and look forward.  It’s a good prep pose to build the strength you’ll need for inversions like head stand and forearm stand and if you have a strong upper body/ core you should be able to get there. Make sure a yogi spots you for your first couple of tries.

Is there any way to get bikini ready in a week or less?

If you have a bikini, you’re ready ;). But really I think it’s more about how you wear it than what you look like in it. You’re ready as soon as you’re confident with your own body.  If exams had you hitting the late night chocolate one too many times before spring break, then going plant based for a week or doing a three day juice or smoothie cleanse can do wonders for your body, mind, and water retention.


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