It’s Never Just Sex

So you’ve convinced yourself that you’re ready for a “no strings attached” arrangement? Think again. You think you’re ready? No ones ever ready. If it’s a one time wam bam then okay, that’s easy to let go. But, having sex with someone regularly and not catching feelings is very difficult. It’s kind of like the expert level on a video game. It’s always easy until you’ve actually tried it. Here’s some reasons why it’s never just sex:

Us humans seem to think we are above other species on the planet. Just because we are seemingly civilized and domestic, doesn’t mean we aren’t animals. As humans we desire sex. Well most of us. Some people are asexual or have emotional issues or whatever. But for the most part we desire sex. That’s why there are so many unfaithful people and the adult industry is worth billions of dollars. We love sex sex sex. It feels good and it’s free (most of the time).

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So we have sex. Something that is deemed the highest level of intimacy you could have with anyone. Things feel good and chemicals are released in our brains. Chemicals that we naturally have that make things go along with natures plan. Without these chemicals dogs wouldn’t know that naturally they sniff each others butts or  that as birds you fly south during the winter.

When you have sex with a stranger or your “cut buddy” you’re still releasing these chemicals. Chemicals that naturally make a woman attached to dude That’s why some girls get “clingy” after sex. It’s in our genetic makeup. After all sex is for mating anyway. When you would like to have sex with someone it really means you wouldn’t mind pro-creating with them. That is what sexual attraction is.

And guys they naturally just want to poke anything and everything. I won’t even get on them. But they supposedly don’t feel those “clingy” feelings until they have a child.

Anyway, just because initially a lot of guys aren’t clingy doesn’t mean they aren’t possessive. Most men, naturally are protectors. This may be a bad analogy but after he’s had sex with you, it’s basically like having a bone. He may not show that he cares or whatever but when another man comes around he may find himself naturally jealous or possessive. By nature, you’re his territory.

That’s why there are guys who “don’t want to be in a relationship” or aren’t “ready” for one…BUT get so pissed if you explore your options. They basically want to have their cake and eat it too.

If you really think you’re ready for a no strings attached relationship, make sure it’s with someone you don’t really like. Make sure there’s something repulsive or a deal breaker when it comes to him. Maybe he’s totally into himself or doesn’t have a job with zero ambition. The last thing you want is to be sleeping with a guy and have him look at you solely as a sexual object while you see him as this amazing wonderful intelligent human being. Now, that is painful and confusing. You’re confusing yourself, nature and your brain! Basically save the casual sex for the people you’ll never see again or f*** boys. Or just don’t do it all.

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