It’s Miami Swim Week! Courtney Arndt Dishes 7 Secret Vacation Spots

Galore Mag Swim Week

Name: Courtney Arndt

Zodiac Sign: Aries, yes Im very stubborn.

Agency: LA Models

Hometown: The beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

What are your summer plans?

Live a little, gamble, dance, forget some summer nights, maybe get in trouble with the law, make memories (so I can laugh about them when Im 80).

Favorite Swim Suit Designer?


What is your favorite summer treat?


7 Places in Hawaii we must see?

1. North Shore, Oahu

2. Kuliouou Hike

3. Lanikai Beach (UNREAL)

4. Ono Seaford (Best Poke Bowls)

5. Jumping Logs (Walk the plank)

6. Maks (Tidepools)

7. Addiction Night Club (If you want to shake your ass)

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