Is Your Man Guilty Of These 7 Deadly Sins Of Texting?

There is nothing worst than a guy who sucks at texting. And there are several. Right under our own noses. No really, scroll through your inbox and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Guys ask for our numbers, but it’s not like they really care how our day went or which skirt we purchased earlier in the day. I don’t blame them though, but it’s not like their days were any better. In fact, it’s almost as if most men have the same days. Filled with “nothing much”.

See, I told you their days weren’t that great.

But it drew me to the conclusion of how men are terrible at texting. Most men will defend their lack of good communication by saying that they don’t suck, they just don’t like it. No they suck and they are probably on the list below.

1. The Silent Treatment Guy

You can clearly see when this guy read your text. And if he ends up not responding it’s the same awkward sting as telling the cute guy at your party a joke, him moving his eyes from side to side to make sure it was directed towards him, then walking away. Or it shows he’s typing….and typing…and still typing…and then nothing.


2. The Late Responder Guy

Say you’re feeling spontaneous and want to see a movie. You text this guy to see what he’s up to and if he’s down to join you. But then you remember one thing. He takes forever to respond. By the time he texts you back you already saw the movie, walked home, took a shower, had a little snack, wrote a novel, solved cancer, and fell asleep.

3. Never Calls You Guy

I’m pretty sure my ex-boyfriend would say that this is me since I’m not big on phone calls. Maybe this guy is more up my alley. But for the girls who do love phone calls and late night chats and talking about their problems, don’t expect a peep from this guy. He could be in a life threatening situation, but consider yourself lucky if he even bothers to shoot a text.

4. The Impatient Guy

He texts you a question, followed by 4 seperate question marks, within a 2 minute span. Calm your tits, dude.


5. The One Word Guy

It’s like pulling teeth. Maybe this guy is actually really f***ing cool to talk to in person, but if you’re going away for a few days or you’re bored at work, he’s probably the last person you want to text. At least he can teach you some adjectives like cool, nice, awesome, sweet, stoked, fun, etc.

6. The Over Detailed Guy

This guy has more emotions than me. Okay, that’s probably not saying much. This guy has more emotions and stories than a drunk girl at a bar. He probably thinks he’s the best texter ever. When in reality he’s just really f***ing annoying.

7. The Green Bubble Guy

Unless you’re on a plane, trian, or dead zone, why do you have a green bubble? Unless he doesn’t have an iphone. In which case you should re-think your plan about dating him and he should find another plan. With a different phone company.


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