Is Your Boyfriend Making You Fat?

You love spending time with him, you are always thinking about his perfect smile, and you adore the way he spoils you. While you may think that your boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to you, he might be making you fat. Here’s how, and how to avoid it!

1. Your Dates Always Revolve Around Food


This is a natural thing that happens with friends and boyfriends alike. When there’s nothing to do, you go out to dinner/froyo/that new burger place down the street. We all know that the best thing about dating someone is the free meals, but at a certain point in the relationship all these free meals might be taking a toll on your waistline. Your man might not to stick to a healthy diet to stay fit, but (unless you’ve got a highly coveted super fast metabolism) you probably do.

2. You Never Leave His Bed


Sex coma can take a whole new meaning in a relationship. Especially if your man doesn’t have a huge apartment, weekend days might consist of a whole lot of time in his bed (or yours). While the availability to have sex at all hours of the day is great, it can get to the point when you’re literally watching movies back to back, smoking weed, and even eating in bed. If this doesn’t bore you like hell, it should make you feel lazy as hell.

3. You change your schedule for him


When you’re love-struck, you can want to spend every waking minute with your new babe, and shift your schedule around to maximize time spent together. This can mean staying out late with him and missing your spin class the next morning, or spending so much time with him that you forgo the gym entirely. Don’t get dick-stracted from your fitness goals! You can spend an hour at the gym, and that’s 4% of your day, you can see bae later!


Damage Control:: Brainstorm new date ideas or even dates that involve physical activity. If it’s nice out, utilize walking whenever you can. Go to the zoo, a museum, or take your man shopping, acting as his personal stylist. Fitness is a lot more fun when you have man-candy to distract you. A hike can be romantic, and seeing your boo getting sweaty in a hot-yoga class is the ultimate turn on. If you really can’t avoid food, offer to make him a nice (secretly healthy) dinner one night. He’ll love the gesture/ wifey side of you, and who doesn’t like saving money? And don’t forget that it’s always important to have your own life before your relationship, nobody likes a clingy bitch or a friend that disappears once she starts dating someone. Women are great multi-taskers, we know you can rock your kickass body while balancing a relationship.

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