Is Your Body “On Trend?”

Last year, #thighgap was nearly trending on Tumblr. Urban Outfitters was in hot water for using a model whose thigh gap was “too unrealistic.” Beyonce even got caught photo-shopping an Instagram photo to make it appear as if she had the ever so coveted empty space between her perfectly bronzed thighs.

According to Elle Magazine, the thigh gap is out, and the thighbrows are in. What the hell is a thighbrow? According to writer Julie Schott, thighbrows are “a set of folds that frames the tops of thighs and separates leg from butt.” An example of said thighbrows can be seen below:


If you already have thighbrows, congrats, you’re ahead of the game! But, what if you’re still rocking a thigh gap? Should you immediately head down to KFC and pick up a family size bucket of chicken so that you can thicken up?

When did we start analyzing our bodies the same way we analyze the clothes that are about to parade down the runways at NYFW? Magazines flaunt articles with titles such as, “Statistics show that guys prefer curvy girls” or “Small boobs are the new look for Fall 15.”

Granted, these headlines were originally crafted to help the girls who aren’t super-model-skinny feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies. However, do we have to bring down naturally thin girls in the process?

If a new trend isn’t your style, you’re not going to buy into it, right? So why try to change your body to fulfill a trend that’s going to be irrelevant by next season? Sure, if you wanted a thigh gap you could starve yourself and spend hours a day at the gym. If you wanted thighbrows you could eat exorbitant amounts and try to bulk up your thighs. However, if you don’t naturally have either of these traits it’s unlikely that it will be healthy for you to attain either of them.

The problem with deeming certain physical attributes “trendy” is that you’re always going to be leaving someone out. While it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy looks different on everybody. That girl who you think is “too thin?” She might be eating over 3,000 calories a day in attempts to maintain a healthy weight per her doctor’s request. That girl who you called “too chubby for a crop top?” Go to the gym with her, she might kick your a**.

It’s easy to switch up the clothes in your closet when the seasons change, but it’s not quite as easy to change your body. Instead of always fixating on what everybody else finds beautiful, why don’t you focus on yourself? If you learn to love your body, you’ll never need to pay attention to what Vogue is calling the “hottest new physique,” or what body-type Karl Lagerfeld is designing his next collection for.

In the mean time, can we get the word out to publications so that they stop criticizing our bodies like a bad fashion trend? You can throw out last year’s furry Prada clutch, but you can’t buy this body in stores.

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