Is Noah Cyrus Being Just Like Miley Cyrus, Or Just Like Kylie Jenner?

Noah Cyrus, otherwise known as a baby angel and chauffeur to America’s favorite stoner pop star,  may be only 15 but last night at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party, baby girl was looking rurl grown.


From the sudden appearance of a platinum extensions, severely defined eyelashes, thigh high boots and a midriff-revealing, ripped up tank, it’s clear the youngest Cyrus was definitely doing her best to channel the youngest Jenner sibling last night.  But her attitude was all Miley.

“We literally dont care one bit (: isnt that right ken? @kennywinnaman,” Noah wrote on Instagram while showing off her late-night look, later captioning a selfie with, “I’m blue baby.”

While Cyrus is clearly trying to look a little more grown than her 15-year-old self can currently handle, I got to hand it to her.  When I was that age, I couldn’t have even pulled half of that look off.

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