Is It Ever Ok To Hook Up With A Friend’s Ex?

When it comes to friendships, the golden rule is always chicks before dicks. But at what point do those lines blur? If you have ever made eyes at your friends man candy, you may be approaching that point.

A best friend’s ex is a sensitive area. On the one hand, they are no longer together, on the other hand, they once were. And a friendship is something that has proven a bit more permanent than a hook up. So where do you draw the line? We here at Galore, are here to help.

Is She Ok With it?

Obviously you have to ask her before going through with this. It is that simple. If the answer is no? Don’t go for it bro. If she says yes? Then you are blessed.

Is It Out Of Revenge?


Did you get in a fight with your friend and now you want to hurt her? Does she want a way to keep power over her guy and she is using you? Is he using you to get back at her? Sex is an easy weapon. It keeps you vulnerable and keeps you wanting it. But though it may be easy, it is never simple and will cause more problems than any of it is worth.

Are You Drunk?


Not sure this one even needs an explanation.

Do You Genuinely Like Him?


This is important. If you are going to risk a close friendship then this has to be more than just a hookup. Because either way you are investing a lot in this. And he better be worth it.

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