Is a Future With Male Birth Control Closer Than We Thought?

We all know a guy who complains about condoms. Whether he doesn’t want to pay for them or doesn’t want to wear them, condoms seem to be enemy number one in the eyes of many dudes. When you turn the tables, it’s ironic to see how many girls willingly go on birth control. A pill that changes our hormonal levels that can cause mood swings, acne, and weight gain? Sign us up!

Whether we take a pill, get a shot, or insert a ring, the fact is that we women don’t love birth control; but we don’t have many other options. Condoms are less effective than birth control, not to mention that many dudes don’t like wearing them. In many exclusive relationships, dudes forgo condoms and ask the girl to get one some sort of birth control instead.

But why do we women have to deal with all of the side effects and political controversy surrounding birth control while men can slip a condom on and off quicker than we can orgasm? Scientists at Osaka University had the same question, and they decided to do something about it.

The scientists recently published a study detailing the experimentation that they have been doing with mice. Male mice, like humans, have many reproductive proteins in their semen, but up until now no scientists have been able to pinpoint exactly which protein directly affects sperm.

However, the team at Osaka has solved the puzzle, and have created a treatment that slows sperm from traveling upstream (and therefore less able to reach a female’s egg). Because the treatment only affects the protein in sperm, it is likely to have much less side effects than the currently available birth control methods for women. Mice placed on and then off the treatment returned to normal, fertile standards within a week.

Although these experiments have still only been done in mice, we have to start somewhere, and we are closer to a male birth control than we have ever been before. It takes two to make a baby, and it’s only fair that both sexes are equally responsible in making a baby, and preventing one.

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