Is A Contraceptive That Guarantees Orgasm Too Good To Be True?

When most of us think birth control, we don’t think sexy. Maybe you think about how you awkwardly have to take a small pill on the subway every morning. Maybe you think about how you have to call the pharmacy every time you’re going out of town. Maybe you think about that one time you skipped a week of pills and blew up like a bloated balloon.

Birth control can be a slippery slope for women. I mean sure, most of us don’t really want to get impregnated by our last one night stand, but isn’t that what condoms are for? While birth control is more effective, it also holds many more risks. Weight gain, acne, and ovarian cysts are not exactly a small price to pay to keep ourselves child-free.

A new birth control, entitled VA w.o.w, aims to make contraceptive more pleasurable for women. How? By incorporating a sex toy into the condom, naturally. Va w.o.w is somewhat like a traditional female condom (although most of you probably have never used one), but it uses a vibrating ring along the outer edge to prevent the condom from slipping too far inside of the vagina.

When testing the contraceptive, 70% of the 50 women aged 20-40 reached orgasm on the first use. 84% reached orgasm on the second use, and all 100% of the women reached orgasm on the fourth use. Moreover, 82% of female users said that they would purchase VA w.o.w if offered for sale on the current market. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? These survey results are a bit murky at best, it’s unclear exactly who the testers were and how accurate the results are, not to mention the bias involved.

Regardless, the idea of a contraceptive that helps women reach their big O is intriguing. The product is still awaiting FDA approval, but CEO Brian Osterberg hopes that the product will reach the European market within the next two years.

In the mean time, looks like you’re going to have to stick to some “old-fashioned” form of contraceptive, but there’s no reason not to bring a vibrator into bed with you and your bae if you think it’ll help you climax.

Photo via Huffington Post

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