Introducing the New Face of Guess Lingerie: Model Ashley Diana Morris

We caught up with this beauty, Ashley Diana Morris and discussed her exciting new work for Guess. We also talked to her about her love for Big Macs & Pilates and other seemingly incompatible things! Check it out!
Where are you from?
Born in Toronto, Canada and currently residing in Vancouver.
How long have you been modeling for?
I started modeling about a year and a half ago after I was discovered by Paul Marciano.
What’s been a highlight for you thus far?
Everything!  I feel so grateful for every job and experience I have had since I started.  Canada has been so good to me and presented me with lots of neat opportunities.  The work I have done with Guess has been a dream come true.  I have just finished modeling over in Germany, which was pretty awesome but really cold!
What’s the competition like in modeling for you?
I think it is what you make it.  Of course it is extremely competitive, but I don’t lose sleep about it and at the end of the day I can only be the best I can be.  I work hard at my job and at staying in shape but no matter what some clients are going to like my look and some won’t.
Best thing about being one of the faces of Guess?
That my wildest dream that I didn’t even think was possible came true.
What are your other interest/ambitions?
I am a bit of a nerd, I love reading and writing.  Nothing makes me more happy than to curl up with a good book.  I also just started doing a blog for the Huffington Post, where I chat about anything and everything, which I am really enjoying.  Traveling tops my list too, nothing beats seeing new places in the world and experiencing different cultures.
If you could give good advice on anything what would it be?
Have no regrets.  Do things outside of the box that scare you and make you feel alive.  
What’s your favorite fast food?
I am addicted to McDonalds! Love Big Macs and their fries do not compare to anything else. I don’t eat it all the time of course but I do treat myself from time to time.
What’s your favorite form of exercise?
Pilates.  I have found it is the best form of exercise to keep me in shape.  I also love hiking and anything outdoors!
What’s the best thing coming up for you?
I recently got my work visa for the United States and agency representation down there so I am very excited to start working with more American clients.

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