Introducing Our Paris Fashion Week Reps: Zana Bayne & Todd Pendu

We are so excited to announce that New York designers and designer couple, Zana Bayne and Todd Pendu, will be reporting their Paris Fashion Week diary exclusively for Galore. So make sure to check in to find out what they’ve been up not only in terms of fashion but othe Parisian adventures too. I stopped by their apartment to interview them before the flew off and asked them of their expectations for PFW.


What are you guys most looking forward to at Paris Fashion week, which designer in particular?

Todd Pendu: The whole Nicholas Guesquiere showcase and first time with Louis Vuitton. Were both excited to be in Paris while that happens just because the energy should be really cool.

Zana Bayne: There’s a lot of changes that are going to happen now like what’s going to happen with Ann Demeulemeester now that it’s not her designing, what’s Rick Owens going to do to follow up on the last show.

TP: Those are high on the list. There’s stories finished and stories starting, a lot of change is happening.


I was speaking to our fashion director Rose and she was most excited about Paris, why do you think she felt that or why is Paris so exciting in particular?

TP: Paris has been able to maintain a sense of fantasy and theatricality that New York has not been able to maintain. There is something about the idea of marrying the qualities of RTW to such beautiful environments and romanticism that is unparalleled there is no way to get that anywhere else

ZB: It’s the combo of the oldest fashion houses plus designers from other places in the globe. London has London designers and Milan has Italian but in Paris you have like Japanese designers and Turkish designers but the dinosaur houses as well.

TP: It’s interesting to see that Paris is the place you want to ascend to.

ZB: It’s the most edited location.

TP: Because of the fact that so many people want to be there from other parts of the world, there is a prestige to it. People figure out interesting ways to make it work for them. Not anyone can do it and that makes it interesting.

Did you go last year?

TP: It’s our third time since we have been together

ZB: Every time has been different. First time we did a presentation in a gallery. Doing menswear week but it was women’s-wear.  Last time we did a presentation for my collection with models. This time we are just bringing the collection and doing appointments.

How have you found that Paris has responded to your line?

ZB: Last year was a great response. The reason I wanted to show there was the sense of fantasy, it takes you to a different state of mind and so I just wanted to craft the collection around that element of fantasy. The response was like oh this is different and naughty and fun.

TP: Last time was in a flower show. This gorgeous mom and pop place. It was flowers from floor to ceiling, gorgeous but then you mix these women in leather and face masks. It was the contrast of the delicate beautiful flowers with these women.

Other than fashion in Paris what would you like to do?

ZB: Were staying right in the middle of the Merine which is right next to my showroom, one of my favorite perfumeries is there and there are great cafes. Its great to walk the streets and remember that you have been to these places with like the best croissants!

TP: Mornings are all about fun like a really great espresso and after that we just wander, go to the stores we want to see and then find a nice place in the area for lunch. There is a lot of fun in discovery.

ZB: You don’t have the ability to do that in new york because everything is spoken for.

TP:Neither of us speak French so its great that there’s that sense that like “Oh I ordered this and that wasn’t what I thought it was” I ordered a stew once and I had no intention to eat a stew that day!

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