Interview: Sohanny Of Bleaux Talks Successfully Reliving The 80’s

We spoke to Sohanny of LA based alternative/punk rock/new wave band, Bleaux. She spoke to us about Bleaux’s inspirations, being a woman in the music industry & best parts of being in a band. Check out her wonderful words of wisdom!


How did you guys come up with the name Bleaux?
I came up with the name, I wanted something different. It means to go hard, never give less.

Who has inspired you musically?
Nirvana, Metallica, Guns n Roses. We’re mix of all the stuff we’ve grown up with. We love new wave, alternative, punk rock, reliving the 80s.

How hard is it to put together a band in LA where the competition is so high?
I believe in doing anything that you do in life from the heart. Don’t look at others. Lucky to have met to right people, the vibe was there, we all incorporated something new. We never hold back.

What inspired the video?
Life- good, bad, & ugly. We love to incorporate art and build relationships with artist who are an extension of our art.


Have you ever done psychedelics in your day?
Haha, I’ve been around it, you have to stay focused. To be a woman in these environments you have to be on top of it.

Are you active in the LA party scene?
I do go events, but we’re working hard to perfecting our EP whilst trying to build relationships with other artists.

Being that the other members of the band are male, what’s most annoying thing about hanging around boys all the time?
I’m provide the balance in the group. They treat me great, they hope I can bring ideas into rehearsal and we feed off of each other.

Funnest part?
I love the fact that I’m working with the right people, its our dream. Everyone knows how hard this is and how perseverance is all.

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