Interview: Jennifer Akerman Of The Jaxx Duo Talks Music

Jaxx is a musical duo comprised of Jennifer Akerman and Lorenzo Jansson Kilman, they feature in our Music & Friendship issue. We are so delighted to bring these folks to you as they have an awesome sound, which everyone must hear! Check out their interview with us below!


How did you come up with the name JAXX?
Me and Lorenzo met in LA back in 2010. We noticed early that we had an unusual musical connection and instantly became good friends. After a couple of years of writing music together we decided to create a duo. At that time, I was in New York finding lots of inspiration and as I was going through emails, letters, lyrics – my life – I realized that i signed everything with my initials, JA, followed by xx. I remember sitting in the apt in west village repeating “JAXX, JAXX” and it felt right. We were JAXX.

How does your sound encompass both the swedish element and the La Vibe?
I guess that as you keep on working hard with your music, you automatically create a sound, your sound, which is important to us. The melodies we write together with my lyrics and Lorenzo’s guitar are very much inspired by California. It puts us in a positive spirit wherefore we can write from all over the world.

Best Coast
Tough question! I mean I’ve always been an LA woman since I moved out here in 2008. Its only within the last couple years I’ve found my love for New York and the east coast. For a while I was very sick of LA and wanted to move on. That’s how our song New York City came together. The song is not only about New York City itself, but about having a dream and fighting for it. You just gotta follow your heart!

Favorite band duo of all time
Also a hard question, but I have to say that there’s something very magical about Simon & Garfunkel. Epic melodies and you can sing their songs forever. They never get old.

What does your first single say about your music?
Simple elements. Driven by drums, guitar and vocals. Perfect song for the party, driving your car or making out haha.. It’s a cool indie rock tune with a taste of JAXX. Lot’s of more to come..

What can we expect from you guys in 2014?
Our debut single and EP. The rest will be history!

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