Interview: Friend Roulette Talk Music And New EP

Six piece band, Friend Roulette, took some time out to answer a few questions about their unique sound and growing popularity. They just released their new EP, and are performing tonight in Brooklyn! We’re excited to share with you!

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How would you describe your musical style?
Matt: I’d say its pretty melted. Recently someone said psychedelic orchestral synth pop & i think that makes sense. . . I mean, its weird, its catchy, we got this weird instrument called an ewi (electronic wind instrument) and the dude that plays it is kina a strange genius. . . oooo i just thought of this: ballads with loud drums

You have played in the CMJ festival a couple of times now, what is that experience like for you as opposed to other live performances?
It’s just a lot of on and off the stage, one day I think we did about 5 shows / a lot of free booze and red bull advertisements. . . a lot of photographers saying “yea find the photos on twitter”. . . You get to see a lot of your musical friends, hungover, sitting at the bar at pianos. Its quite strange to finish a show in the L.E.S. at 2am, go home, sleep and be back the next day to play the same venue at 1pm.

How has your sound changed since “I’m Sorry you hit your head”?
I’d say this new record is just a bit more focused and we were still really figuring things out when we recorded I’m Sorry You Hit Your Head… The songs on “Grow Younger” are much shorter & pop influenced. I also wrote most of these songs in my head, without an instrument while doing a very mundane job. . . I’m Sorry was written in the mornings at a piano with full brain in super composer mode.

Your sound is so different from any other band, was it your intention to stray from the norm or did your sound just progress sort of organically the more you played together?
There was a lot to figure out with this band when we started & I still feel like we’re in a perpetual state of figuring it out. Our style was never really premeditated but, for example, we might have been more influenced by van dyke parks & paul hogan in the begining but then heard things like Die Antwoord & R.Kelley and mashed the vibes together – . . . also, I think everyone in the band does whatever they want in the music. . . usually i’ll write the core song, but then give very little direction after that. Its a mashing together of a bunch of different personalities that makes it unique.

What is a Friend Roulette?
Its a band name. Its a band. Its a thing. Its kina a family. Its all these really fine people we know & love that help us with everything(mixing records, music videos, dancers at shows etc..) & hopefully feel like they’re a part of something cool… something being la ruleta

Most unique movement in music right now?
Are there really musical movements right now? I think there are a lot of great bands for sure. . .and maybe while not part of a movement, I think bands like Tiny Hazard, Celestial Shore & Cloud Becomes Your Hand are doing really refreshing, interesting & similar things in the realm of avant garde pop music.

What do you put on your summer salads?
Jules made one summer salad with Watermelon, jicama, radish, sprouts and edemame with a citrus dressing, served with a slightly chilled heffeweizen & of course that other thing we like. . . .

What’s coming up next?
Next on Friend Roulette. . . We’re almost done with a new album. I think we’re gonna call it “I See You, Your Eyes Are Red” but I know some people didn’t like that name so who knows. We’re doing a tour in March with our pals. Hopefully we can play on a beach somewhere soon . . . thats kinda our favorite… ooo and some lucky fellow in the band is getting married.


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