Interview: Dev Can Literally “Kiss It” With Brand New CK Lipstick

Pop bombshell Dev, chatted to us about her brand new Calvin Klein lipstick color “Kiss it”. She also talked about her new EP, Bittersweet July, set to be released in July. Dev demonstrates and talks honestly about how women can juggle motherhood, being in a relationship and having a career like a bad ass. Check out what she had to say below!


How did the collab with Calvin Klein come about?
I’d been working with them for a couple of years, on shows & shoots. When the single “Kiss it” came out, it seemed perfect to have a shade called “kiss it”. Got to work with their make up artist who helped me chose the color.


As well as your awesome CK color, what other lipstick colors do you like to wear?
Bright colors, oranges, hot pinks, I go through so many phases.

I loved the video, what was the inspiration behind it?
All the women in Edward Scissorhands- the neighbors flamboyant, color blocked clothes. The non-typical housewife, which is how I live my life.

On the single kiss it, how was working with Sage the Gemini?
He’s awesome. Even in the studio, he’s always a riot. He’s from Nor-Cal, which is where I’m from. He’s so talented and it always helps when people are funny.

Has it been difficult juggling career, relationship, motherhood? Do you have any tips?
It has its moments. The hardest part is when I have to leave and can’t bring her with me. I feel bad, I miss her, but my family helps a lot. I catch myself feeling guilty, but she helps keep me inspired and it is fun when she travels with me. She loves going to the airport, it’s been a blessing. I couldn’t imagine my life not being the way it is right now.

Tip: Find a foundation, whether family or friends, of support.

Who would you love to work with?
Karen O- I always loved her growing up, kind of obsessed with her. I love Katy Perry, she’s awesome and colorful.

How do you feel about being part of the current music climate?
It’s awesome. It’s in an interesting place right now, it’s not so separated by genre anymore, it’s acceptable for women to do all kind of things. It’s one expected thing now. we can make it in homes and upload it, and it comes more personal.

What can we expect from your EP Bittersweet July coming in July?
The records show more of progression. I’ve been in the studio for like a year, I had to push myself. Have more to say this time, excited to have music out for fans.

What else is coming up for you?
I really just wanna keep doing shows. Hopefully shoot a bunch of good music videos, tours videos.

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