Interview: Creative Force Va$htie Talks About Her Passions & Endless Talents

Va$htie, is an inspiring force. She literally has her hands in every creative outlet and is straight killing it constantly. We were lucky enough to have her feature in the magazine, and now you can check her interview with us below.

Photo by Amanda Lopez

You are a busy lady, there’s no question you’ve worked hard to reach the top, How do you pull it off so effortlessly?
Wow, thank you! I think I am still working hard to reach the top. Maybe it seems effortless, because it’s what I love to do? It comes natural for me to do what I do; from directing to creative consulting to DJ’ing to designing. I love doing it, so it may appear to be less of a struggle. I guess the real hard part is making what you love into a business, that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It’s also important to appear effortless. Sure, people respect the struggle, but no one wants to see or hear about it all the time.

Designer, DJ, party promoter, video director, with so many talents do you have one you consider your ultimate love?
That’s a hard one, really. I love them all for various different reason. DJ’ing is great because you’re alone – controlling and curating the energy of a room and people. The gratification from that comes instantly. Directing takes more time and there is a team of people involved, it’s compromising and many weeks of editing and tweaking. The end result takes more time, but the piece will live on for a long time or maybe be forgotten. That’s sort of the same thing with designing. I think right now I may be in love with DJ’ing because it’s new and all me and I can see the result on what I’m doing in the people in front of me.

What were some of your influences that have paved your artistic way (favorite music video, designer dis etc)?
“You’re All I Need” Music Video vy Method Man and Mary J. Blige, Directed by Diane Martel. “All Is Full Of Love” by Bjork, Directed by Chris Cunningham. “You Are The Perfect Drug” by Mark Romanek. Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Yara Flinn of Nomia, Raul Lopez od Luar, Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air. Frida Kahlo, Pollack, Bruce Davidson, Egon Schiele, Patti Smith…

If you didn’t have so much to keep you busy what would be you’re ultimate artistic venture?
Getting fully immersed back into the world that I came from, of fine arts. It was my drawing and painting portfolio that got me into the School of Visual Arts. I always had dreams of doing shows as a kid. I’ve done a couple shows here and there with friends, but I’d love to really have a full solo exhibit of my work.

You always have something exciting on the horizon, any things we should look out for in 2014?
Yes! Well, a couple of design collaborations that I can’t speak on just yet…but, by end of 2014 I am launching a special accessory with a brand that has been killing the game for years. I will also announce another big collaboration with a brand that I creative directed & designed for later this year. Also, my brand Violette will dropping a new collection soon – with collaborations with Dee & Ricky, Baron Von Fancy and Kunle Martins (Earsnot). All good stuff!

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