Interview: Costume Designer Janie Bryant Talks Being Brand Envoy For Koret

Janie Bryant best known for her incredible costume design work for Mad Men, is now brand ambassador for bag company Koret. I went over to preview this coming seasons bag collection and to chat to Janie about her involvement in Koret, Mad Men, her current favorite shows & her dope new leg couture.


What is your involvement with Koret?
Right now I am working with Koret as their brand ambassador. I came to know Koret through my costume designing work. Koret was the chicest brand in the 1960’s so I had bought a lot of their vintage stuff on ebay and etsy and I was visiting NYC a couple of years ago doing some business here and I met Leanna Brittis and David Chang and we started talking and we talked about our love for the brand and they asked me to be the brand ambassador.

How long have you been brand ambassador for?
We started our relationship about 6 months ago

In the bags I see Mad Men, the show you are known for designing the costumes:
There are a few styles that are very classic. I think with the redesign of the brand they are so fresh and new that I see all these modern details. I am obsessed with iridescence.

Which is your favorite?
I love the white with the rubber spikes! I am a true fan of liberacci so white and gold are my favorite. It’s very modern. I love the classic and mixing it with the unexpected

How important are bags as an accessory?
The bigger the bag the better. People look at my bag and say Janie that is the heaviest bag I have ever picked up. I keep everything in there. I keep my evening bags in my bag. I like to keep prepared.

Looking at the current shows on TV what do you think has really strong costume design?
I have been loving Scandal. Kerry Washington’s coats are amazing. I also love House of Cards. I think that show is designed beautifully. Of course Mad Men.

What can we expect form you next?
Working with Koret. Designing a men’s line with Mac Weldon. Men’s socks. I love menswear. And Janie Bryant leg couture. I am wearing them tonight! That’s coming out in the fall.

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