Interview: Chloe Howl’s US Debut SXSW + The Box NYC

Upcoming artist Chloe Howl wil perfmoring at the Box in NYC tonight, I caught up with the effortlessly talented 19 year old singer/songwriter and talked to her about performing in US for the first time at SXSW, how she likes to write music and not being able to drink in the US.


Where are you from?
Im from called maiden head, just outside of London. Not to be confused with Maidstone in Kent.

It was your first US show at SXSW, how did you find it? 
Originally suppose to play 6 shows, but some of my band members visas didn’t come through so could only play the last two, but they were great shows.
I thought SXSW was really cool there was a lot going on, I would like to as normal visitor at some point.

Where else are you touring whilst here?
Only New York, at The Box tonight!

You’re from London, me too. You’re 19, is it frustrating that you can’t drink here? Does that even make sense?
It’s like being transported back, like going back 16 trying sneak in places. It’s really weird.

What’s your ideal setting for writing music? What helps boost your creativity?
I like no windows, and you can just create and not realize the time. I can only work with people who are laid back, can’t work with stressed.

Do you have have any vices while writing?
Like beer, or something. Never drunken written, but million cups of tea.

You have a full back up band. What instruments make up your music when perfuming live?
Bassist, drummer, guitarist, & keyboard.

You new EP came out last week, why the name rumors?
Based on the song released by the same name, and kind of dictates the vibe of the whole EP.

What inspired the EP?
I wrote the songs when I 16, so it’s all about that period of time. When your trying to figuring out what you wanna do with your life.

What’s up next for you?
Coming back for US tour and playing tones of festival.

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