6 Lessons In Not Giving A F*ck

International Women’s Day celebrates everything we are about here at Galore: bad bitches who are carving out their piece of the world everyday. Fearless women who are unflinchingly creative is what we are about and, as irreverently as we preach it, it is our message, always. Our take on International Women’s Day, really our take on any day, is ‘Don’t Give A F***.’ Do you and leave the basic haters in the dust. Here are 6 everyday boss bitch ways to remember that you are the greatest gender this world has ever seen.

Send his ass to the store for your Aleve and tampons: You’re suffering through cramps and he’s whining about his pride in the drugstore? Spare me.

Interrupt your male colleague: the dude is never going to stop running his mouth in the meeting until he’s reminded there are other people in the room

Just buy the slutty skirt: you’re not taking all those spin classes for nothing


Take the question out of your voice: you’re not f***ing confused. Stop sounding uncertain and be decisive.

Don’t worry about being ‘nice’ all the time: Yeah that shit is for the birds. You’re the only one overly concerned about other people’s feelings, trust.

Leave the bra at home: seriously, it feels like FREEDOM.


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