INTERNATIONAL GIRLS: Sweden Born Vera Olin Gives America Some Food For Thought This Thanksgiving

Just like Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, we love our foreign girls and we wanted you to get to know them (and where they came from) just a little bit better. Each week, we’re asking these passport yielding babes about their aspirations, Instagram game and what they think about this bizarre place we call America and why they decided to make it their final destination. Imagine their culture shock when they realized Donald Trump or Kanye could so easily run for president. If you hail from a faraway land and would like to let us know what you think, submit this survey and your cutest Instagram pic to for a chance to be featured

Name: Vera Olin

Age: 22

Instagram: @veraolin

Where I’m from: Stockholm, Sweden

Now I live: Los Angeles

Why I moved: I had been dreaming of studying acting in California for years.

Who I am, basically: I get excited over the smallest things and I’m very easy to scare. In Sweden I would not be allowed to say it but I do love to be the center of attention. I get a thrill out of being on stage and in front of the camera.

I only speak to Siri when I’m bored.

What’s the weirdest American slang you’ve picked up since moving here? I have a lot of friends and past roommates from the Bay area, so there is a possibility that “Hella” slipped out a couple of times.

My favorite food from Sweden is Marabou!! I miss our Swedish chocolate and candy in general, America does not know what candy should taste like.

Favorite song ATM: 7 years by Lukas Graham.

Biggest culture shock moment: The biggest culture shock for me was the amount of homeless people. I did not expect too see a homeless person at every corner of the street, or people living under the freeways. And how bizarre the difference is between being rich and poor. I could stand next to someone sitting on the street with some blankets and a sign asking for money, and then look across the street and see someone with a bag worth thousands of dollars. That is something that I hopefully will never get used to.

What my parents just don’t get about American culture: That fact that everyone is driving everywhere, preferably in their own car, and there is no working commute system.

The dumbest thing a guy has said to me about my culture while attempting to flirt with me: Once a guy said to me “får jag låna dina strumpor?” which means “can I borrow your socks?” I think that was the only thing he knew in Swedish. And Of course the do we really have electricity in Sweden? And how about museums? And how can I have brown eyes when everyone in Sweden are blond and blue eyed?

Favorite thing to post on Insta? Palm trees and pretty views.

An American stereotype I’ve found to be 100% true: Many Americans I’ve met have never been outside of the states and don’t know anything about the geography of the rest of the world. They also barely ever bake from scratch.

Worst thing about American guys/girls: All the catcalling, and how that is okay and totally normal.

Best thing? I like the friendliness. Everyone is very open and friendly. You can have a conversation with a random person on the street and people are more than happy to help with whatever they can. They are genuinely interested about your life and what you have to say. I also love that you thank the bus driver, or everyone for that matter.

Donald Trump, Kanye West, or Hillary Clinton for president? Beyoncé?


Illustration by Grace Tame.


For more palm trees, pretty views and some refreshing social awareness, follow Swedish babe Vera on Instagram.

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