INTERNATIONAL GIRLS: Katya B Discusses Why Sex Is “Easier” In America

Just like Trey Songz and Justin Bieber, we love our foreign girls and we wanted you to get to know them (and where they came from) just a little bit better. Each week, we’re asking these passport yielding babes about their aspirations, Instagram game and what they think about this bizarre place we call America and why they decided to make it their final destination. Imagine their culture shock when they realized Donald Trump or Kanye could so easily run for president. If you hail from a faraway land and would like to let us know what you think, submit this survey and your cutest Instagram pic to for a chance to be featured

Name: Katya B

Age: 20

Instagram: @katyabentsa

Where I’m from: Moscow, Russia

Now I live: Philadelphia

Why I moved: Education, and wanted to become more independent from my parents.  

Who I am, basically: I am a Gemini obsessed with astrology and French Bulldogs, double majoring in Marketing and Organizational Management.

I only speak Russian when I’m drunk or mad.

What’s the weirdest American slang you’ve picked up since moving here? TAILGATE! I moved to the USA when I was 16, and since then I’ve been invited to many tailgates. I never used to go because I thought that drinking with a bunch of people in a parking lot was really weird. Also, I am not a big fan of any sports that require tailgates beforehand, so I thought that if you go to a tailgate you must go to a game afterwards. However, last May my friend took me to one of the tailgates and I finally realized that it is an activity where you get wasted while playing a bunch of drinking games and blasting your music. Now I wish I would have gone to more of these tailgates before.   

My favorite food from Russia is Pelmeni that my grandma makes, it’s like Russian dumplings.  

Favorite song ATM: Hotline Bling by Drake

Biggest culture shock moment: When I went to my high school’s first winter formal dance and a guy tried to “grind” with me. At that time I had no idea what grinding is. I couldn’t understand how it was okay for high school girls to rub their asses on guys dicks in front of teachers. The best part is that there was rules invented by teachers, like: You have to ask a girl before you want to grind with her, or girls cannot bend below a 40 degree angle. To be honest that still blows my mind. I am not gonna lie, I did grind with a couple guys in my lifetime, but it is not my favorite thing.   

What my parents just don’t get about American culture: The list is just too long. But almost everything I have to explain to them; the school system, grading system, social life, etc. My mom does not understand how girls wear leggings here and don’t cover their butts, and obviously pajamas, sweatpants, and sportswear is not a thing in Russia that you wear to go outside of the house.

The most annoying thing that they do not understand is the sorority/ fraternity stuff. I have to explain so many things about it and they forget everything immediately. My dad just thinks that all the money that I pay for the sorority is on alcohol. Great, I’d be drinking Grey Goose and Patron every weekend if that was the case.

The dumbest thing a guy has said to me about my culture while attempting to flirt with me: I’ve heard a lot of dumb things from guys about my country and my culture. My recent favorite was when a guy from UPenn asked me if Moscow is part of Russia… Yes it’s the fucking capital! Happy that he goes to an Ivy League school though, maybe he will learn something by the time he’ll graduates.

Favorite thing to post on Insta? My baby sister, she is the baddest. I don’t really like little kids, but my 4 year old sister is the real MVP. She is a mini me I would say.

An American stereotype I’ve found to be 100% true: I would say “fake-ness” in the small talk. I hate when I am walking to my classes and people I barely know ask me “what’s up” or “how are you” while they proceed on walking past me. Sometimes I don’t even have time to respond because they already passed me. Just say hi, I know you don’t care about my emotional state at that time!

Worst thing about American guys/girls: I hate how easy sex is in America. No one works for it anymore. After the first drink a guy expects you to be sucking his dick in a couple of hours at his place. Like, if you say no to the guy’s “invitation” to his house, most of the time they get mad at you. The sad part that so many girls agree to go home with the first guy anyways, even if he is treating her like shit.

Best thing? On the other side, I do like that I don’t have to wait until marriage to have sex with someone. If I find a person who respects me and we both just want the physicality from each other, that is fine with me.

Donald Trump, Kanye West, or Hillary Clinton for president? Are Rihanna or Drake an option?


Illustration by Grace Tame. 


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